River Rules

No glass or foam products.

No 5oz or less plastic containers are allowed on the river ... it's the law. Protect the river!

It is advisable to wear rubber soled shoes with lace-up ties or water shoes that are secure on your feet.

Keep on Floating! No Trespassing! Land is all privately-owned.

Stash your trash ... no littering!

Use designated Lazy L&L shuttle pick-up points!

Watch children constantly, stay close!

No jumping from bridges or cliffs!

Get out of the water during lightning storms or high winds

Tubes w/large coolers are permissable.

Alcohol is allowed on the river (we're not in the city limits) ... so be responsible if you indulge. You know the laws!

Be respectful of your fellow tubers/rafters and their belongings.

No Pets.